Professional players say...         

I want to thank you for the marvelous work you did on my "baroque" viola. It is beautifull material, sounds like a bom :) and even being quite big, it's very comfortable to play. All the best and thanks again

Paul de Clerck,
Professor of Viola
Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Belgium

I am very impressed with the appearance and overall quality of the workmanship. It is quite beautiful. The violin sounds as good as it looks, we have a winner.

Robert Schieber
Professor of violin
Edwardsville, IL USA

It is real pleasure to play on violins made by the remarkable master Andrian Andreev. They are perfectly crafted and have incredibly beautiful sound.

Oleh Krysa, violinist
Professor of violin
Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, USA

I am very happy to play the Andrian Andreev 1998 violin, inspired by G. Guarneri "Del Gesu" 1742. Jeweler workmanship and spiritual tone! I will never separate from this violin!

Yosif Radionov, violinist
Professor in the State Academy of Music
Sofia, Bulgaria
Playing on this voilin Yosif Radionov creates two remarkable CDs.

"I believe that Mr. Andrian Andreev is one of the most talented violin makers today! His instruments possess rich and beautiful sound and the craftsmanship is that of a great master."

Jassen Todorov, violinist
Assistant Professor in the San Francisco State University,
San Francisco, USA

I have two violins made by Mr. Andrian Andreev. They are built following the best Italian tradition - beautiful shape and careful workmanship. They have excellent sound and precise tone rich in overtones, clear and warm.

Gancho Ganev, violinist
Concert Master of the Symphony Orchestra St. Gallen, Switzerland
Former Concert Master of the Dresden Philharmonic and RTL - Symphony Orchestra Luxemburg

I highly recommend to all professionals, amateurs, collectors and dealers of string instruments, the perfect work of the violin maker Andrian Andreev who brought back to a new life my favorite violin "Tommaso Carcassi Firenze 1768". His craftsmanship is remarkable for the exceptional accuracy and artistic appearance in the detail making; perfect knowledge of the string instruments building; varnish - close in composition and applying to the old Italian School. The acoustic of his instruments is notable for the brilliant and rich timber, the softness, the force and sound projection, all these precious qualities as regards the concert performance.

Nedko Boyanov, violinist
Concert Master of the Symphony Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio,
Sofia, Bulgaria

I have two wonderful instruments made by Andrian Andreev. Every time I play they give me various ideas for performing and more and more take the place especially in the solo performance of my lovely Panormo (instrument in perfect condition).

Svetoslav Marinov, violinist and violist
Concert Master, Opera Theater Bremerhafen, Germany

I know Andrian Andreev since 1999 and I have the opportunity to play most of the violins and violas he makes or restores in his workshop. Our mutual work in the acoustic adjustment of the instruments let me feel their unique character, beautiful sound and how easy are they to play.

Ivan Ivanov, violinist
Concert Master Assistant of the European Romany Philharmonic Orchestra
Concert Master of the Kazanlak Chamber Orchestra, Bulgaria

I was impressed by the sound projection and the warm color of the Andrian Andreev violins. I was happy to record my first CD with one of his instruments model Guarneri with warm baroque sound. I have played four times as soloist and chamber music in the 22nd International Festival of Music - January, 12 - 29, 2000 - Brasilia, Brazil with his instrument model Stradivari. "The beautiful sound of your violin is like an elixir!" - was the reaction of the public. With the same instrument I won an international open audition for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra 9th January, 2000 Brasilia, Brazil. Andrian, the violins you make are alive and they have soul that sings! It is a pleasure to play and to look at your violins!

Nadya Nedyalkova - Nedelman, violinist
Brasilia, Brazil

I am delighted by the violin making skills of Andrian Andreev and his professional approach of working. It was a good fortune for me to meet a luthier with such a talent and sense of the violin making art.

Ivo Ivanov, violinist
National Opera of the Republic of South Africa, Pretoria

Spaciousness, depth, warmth, clarity of tone, all achieved with the greatest ease - this is the magic of Andrian´s craft!

Sacha Kraleva - Johnston, violinist
Violin teacher and member of orchestras, Dublin, Ireland

When for the first time I heard a violin made by Andrian Andreev in a concert of Josif Radionov I was impressed by the brilliant sound of the instrument. Now I play one of his violins and I am very happy to have such a precise instrument. It is powerful, rich in expression and has noble timbre. I am very happy because we have a master maker that is on the same level of workmanship as the modern celebrities of the fine art of violin making.

Dessislava Stojanova, violinist
Wurttembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Germany

I know some of the last made violins of Andrian Andeev Stradivari and Guarneri models. They impressed me by accuracy of craftsmanship, refinement and artistic expression. The sound is smooth, beautiful and has the thing we often search and rarely find the unique character!

Nikolay Gagov, violinist
Ex Dimov Quartet, Apolonia Quartet

Dear Andrian,I am delighted with the sound and look of the instrument.Very Many Thanks

Eamon Carrol / amateur violinist /
Dorset, England

Dear Andrian, My first impression is more than expect. Clear tone in high positions easy to play, easy tonning and i like colour verry much. Its realy a wonderful violin!

Costas Rossos /amateur violinist /

One of the "Stauffer" prizes will go to the Bulgarian Andrian Andreev who during the laboratory classes of violin making under the guidance of Master W. Zambelli, made a copy of Niccolo Amati - 1656 violin built for the French Royal Court. Most probably the original was made for the King Sun and because of this is known as "King Louis XIV". Using 1:1 pictures of the original Andreev gave life of his replica imitating even the restoration interventions on the original.

"La Provincia" daily paper, Cremona, Italia

Oleh Krysa - Ukrainian virtuoso of the violin, who has been living in the USA since 1989, performed a recital in the new concert hall of the National Musical school "Lyubomir Pipkov". The Maestro made furore as alternating with two instruments - 300 years old "Guadagnini" and a purely new Bulgarian violin, an art work of the young Bulgarian violin maker Andrian Andreev. His wife, Tatiana Tchekina accompanied him on the piano. Oleg Krissa is the only one classical musician who has a star with his name. He is professor at Eastman School in Rochester, the USA.

"Standart News" daily paper, Sofia, Bulgaria